Santens Service

20 years on the market

Santens Service group was incorporated in 2000 and is a specialized logistics operator servicing the distribution network of finished pharmaceutical and accompanying products on the Russian market.

4,5 billion USD

Was the total volume of goods imported by the group’s customers in 2017, which makes more than 40% of the gross volume of pharmaceutical products imported in the Russian Federation during that period.

150 000 pallets

Is the total volume of storage provided by the group’s warehouses after putting into operation all bonded warehouses in Moscow Region

6 warehouses

Pharmaceutical wholesale warehouses for medicinal use products. The warehouse infrastructure includes 1 bonded and 2 temporary storage warehouses.

500+ specialists

We strive to create comfortable and safe working environment and encourage professional development of our employees.

108 000 thousand square meters

is the total area of own and leased warehouses operated by the group


Santens Service group of companies was founded in 2000 and is a specialized logistics operator exclusively focused on supporting the distribution chain for finished pharmaceutical and accompanying products in Russian market.

The group consists of the following operating companies:

Danom LLC – the holding company,
JSC SANTENS SERVICE, which provides services of pharmaceutical warehouses;
CJSC Norston and Santens Customs, which provide cargo storage and handling services at customs warehouses, bonded and pharmaceutical warehouses, as well as services of customs clearance and quality conformity confirmation for pharmaceutical products.
Santens Logistic Group LLC is the managing company of the group.


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Quality Management System

The company implemented and maintains in working order a quality management system (QMS) which is a part of the company’s general management system.

In 2018, the group successfully passed audit of the quality management system by an international system certification agency SGS, which is evidenced by the certificate CH15/0960


Multi-faceted approach to implementation of the QMS in the company

Multi-faceted approach to the company’s quality management system is based on implementation of:

  • Requirements of Russian laws;
  • ISO 9001, ISO 31000 concepts;
  • GxP rules (GMP EU, GDP EU, GSP WHO)


Strategic goal of the company is to implement a Pharmaceutical Quality System based on requirements ICН Q10 and ICH Q9 Quality Risk Management system.


Consulting support

In addition to the services, which constitute the primary activity of the company, our specialists provide recommendations to clients on

  • Foreign economic activity;
  • Customs clearance and customs legislation of the Russian Federation;
  • Prepare for obtaining a license for pharmaceutical activity (license for wholesale trade in medicinal products, license for storage of drugs).

IT solutions

IT department operates according to the company’s Quality policy, IT security policy and ITSM principles

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