In Moscow the Supervisory Board of Non-Profit Partnership Self-Regulatory Organization Pharmaceutical Market’s Standards (PMS) held a scheduled meeting; Santens Service Group of Companies has been a member of the organization from Day One. The agenda included such issues as potential expansion of PMS’s activities with consideration for amended regulations on public pharmacological support system. According to Oleg Moiseenkov, Director of PMS, the organization is currently working to involve major foreign pharmacological companies into participating in activities of the self-regulatory organization, and most of such foreign companies plan to become members by the end of this year. The meeting also discussed the progress of implementation of the Uniform Information Standard for pharmaceutical drugs within the Partnership. Members of the Supervisory Board decided to step up the work on implementation of the program. At a suggestion of Elena Telnova, a member of the Supervisory Board and acting Director of the Federal Service for Supervision of Public Health and Social Development, the meeting approved plans to launch a pilot project to implement the information standard into the entire drug circulation chain from the manufacturer to the drugstore. The program is aimed to cover up to a hundred of the most popular drugs into a single system to be able to track down virtually each batch and package of the products throughout the entire distributor’s chain and monitor potential counterfeit or fake drugs. Meanwhile, as participants of the meeting mentioned, no such violations were registered among PMS members, which proves that implementation of the self-control system within PMS can eventually prevent from any fake or counterfeit products appearing on the market. The meeting also discussed and approved suggestions concerning plans to improve the information support system of the Partnership. It was decided to use information opportunities of PMS members as a base for such improvement because the members themselves are the best representatives of the Partnership to tell the professional community about what benefits the membership brings and to give hands-on examples to prove their words.