All warehouse facilities of the group are licensed by the Ministry of Health Care and Social Development of the Russian Federation and fully meet all requirements set for pharmaceutical warehouses both by Russian and international standards.

The company services only shipments of pharmaceutical products and medical products, including dietary supplements and beauty care products.

Customers are offered with the full range of pharmaceutical warehouse services. State-of-the-art technologies allows us to perform with high quality a wide range of logistic operations at A class warehouse facilities:

  • Manual and mechanized unloading/loading palletized goods;
  • Handling oversized goods;
  • Storing and processing goods at bonded warehouses;
  • Warehouse accounting;
  • Operations required for custom clearance of goods.

The terminals have areas for shelf and floor storage and office premises.

Logistic structure of the terminals provides us with the capability to accept and dispatch goods around the clock.

Department of logistics services

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Principles of Product Movement Organization

In order to organize proper product distribution, exclude interference of product flows and ensure the orderly storage, following areas/premises of various functional purpose are allocated at the warehouses:

Receiving zones are allocated depending on layout of the warehouse. They are separated from other premises and allows warehouse staff control:

  • conditions of transportation;
  • sanitary condition of transport vehicles;sanitary condition of transport vehicles;
  • temperature regime;
  • carry out subsequent acceptance control of delivered goods.

Main storage zones have rooms with different temperature conditions:

  • Cold storage (+2 … +8 С);
  • Cool storage ( +8 … +15 С);
  • Ambient storage (+15 … +25 С);
  • Rooms with special storage conditions, including for storage of narcotic and psychotropic substances.

Availability of special zones at all warehouses of the group allows us to offer customers any temperature range required for storage of any type of pharmaceutical goods intended for medical use.

Organization of special zones:

Quarantine Zone
Pharmaceutical products which:

  • delivered in damaged packaging;
  • not corresponding to respective shipping documents in terms of quantity and/or quality;
  • without shipping documents, and
  • subject to withdrawal from civil circulation.

Are respectively labeled and placed in a specially designated quarantine zone separately from other pharmaceutical products
Defect Goods Zone
Rejected pharmaceutical products of the Customer, which are subject to withdrawal from civil circulation, are placed in the defect goods zone that ensures their physical isolation and stored until destructed (or re-exported) by decision of the Customer

The need to organize such a zone arises for most of our customers.

This is a specially designated zone (or room) organized within the main storage zone to store samples of pharmaceutical goods, which are not intended for sale.

Archive samples are stored in this zone throughout the shelf life of the respective pharmaceutical product in storage conditions required by the manufacturer.

Such samples may be used when necessary, for example for the purpose of confirmation of quality of respective pharmaceutical product in the process of selected government control or in other situations by decision of the Customer.

The zone is always labeled by the corresponding ID plate.

In addition to pharmaceutical products our warehouses are used for processing and storage of medical devices, beauty care products and dietary supplements.

  • For proper storage of these types of products specialized zones are allocated. Racks and bins have сorresponding ID plates.
  • In the process of preparation of the licensed zone, we negotiate with the customer the product placement matrix.
  • Using the computerized warehouse management system we allocate (reserve) special zones for placement of respective products.

This zone is designed to control orders picking process.

  • To implement this process the zone is allocated and labeled with the corresponding ID plate
  • Procedures for picking and control are performed by two independent warehouse employees

When goods are dispatched from the warehouse, a transport vehicle used for transportation is checked against the following criteria:

  • Verification if the capacity of the vehicle corresponds to the volume of the batch of pharmaceutical products to be transported;
  • Temperature regime;
  • Sanitary conditions;
  • Placement, rigging and securing of cargo to ensure safe and proper transportation.

According to the company’s validation policy and to the current procedure SMK-RP-014, the following objects are subject to validation:

  • Premises
  • Equipment
  • Processes

Validation of premises

  • Validation of premises of the warehouse facilities was carried out with assistance of third party organizations having required certificates and took place at all stages, from the design stage to construction stage and commissioning stage, at each warehouse facility;
  • During the process of validation, a temperature map of the premises was made.

Validation of refrigeration equipment
All refrigeration equipment used at the group’s warehouses undergoes regular validation procedure.

  • The process of validation of refrigeration equipment includes all stages of qualification and is carried out by both the company’s Quality department and with assistance of certified third party organizations

Validation of climate monitoring systems
Validation of testo Saveris climate monitoring system used for monitoring temperature and humidity parameters inside production premises of the warehouses was carried out by the manufacturer of the equipment, which had required certificates

Validation of computerized systems
Validation of LEAD WMS/WMS and Manhattan SCALE computerized warehouse management systems was carried out with assistance of an independent consultant which had had experience in validation of computerized systems and qualification of IT infrastructure in Europe for such companies as Sanofi Aventis Pasteur, Novartis Consumer Health, Galderma, UCB, Pierre Fabre, GlaxoSmithKline , Schering, Roche, Merck, SPMSD, Medtronic, etc.

Validation period :

  • Lead WMS – с августа 2013 по март 2014
  • Lead WMS – from August 2013 to March 2014
  • WMS Manhattan SCALE from April 2014 to August 2015

Storage Conditions


Proper temperature and humidity are maintained in all warehouse premises to meet requirements of granted licenses and manufacturers’ requirements in respect of storage of various types of pharmaceutical products, which ensures safety and integrity of the pharmaceutical products subject to their chemical, physical, and pharmacological properties.

In order to ensure so called routine monitoring, the warehouses are equipped with testo Saveris climate control system that allows us to monitor storage conditions 24/7.

The system provides for emergency warning if the monitored parameters reach the “alarm” and “action” levels.
We are committed to guarantee that quality of products manufactured according to GMP and imported in Russia from the manufacturer’s plant is preserved, as well as to guarantee that quality of products shipped from a specialized pharmaceutical operator’s warehouse is kept unchanged.

Servicing Cold Chain Goods

The group provides services for storage and warehouse processing of cold chain pharmaceutical products

Learn more about the Cold Chain

Dynamics of Goods Processing

Unloading palletized goods to the warehouse (eighteen-wheeler) — minimum time — 20 minutes; average time — 30 minutes.

Unloading non-palletized goods to the warehouse (eighteen-wheeler, sorting included) — minimum time — 2.5 hours; average time — 4 hours.

Time of shipment of completed orders to customers from the warehouse — 30 minutes per eighteen-wheeler (from the time the truck is placed for loading).

Time of picking an order from the moment the respective request is received — from 20 minutes to 2 hours (depending on the volume and structure of a specific order).

Batch acceptance of goods: up to 100 pallets — up to 3 hours; 100—150 pallets — up to 5 hours; 150 and more pallets — up to 8 hours;
Processing of defect and returned goods, storage of control samples, etc.


Inventory management and equipment

The warehouses are equipped with front racking systems. Multitier storage with application of narrow-aisle or wide-aisle racking (as the need may be) allows us to achieve the handling rate to used storage space ratio which is the most optimal for our clients

Inventory management

  • Warehouse management system LEAD WMS 3PL and Manhattan Scale;
  • Wireless data collection terminals;
  • Wi-Fi network technologies.


The warehouse facilities are equipped with:

  • High quality German made racking equipment Jungheinrich: 6-8-tier front racking systems with bin location functionality;
  • Narrow-aisle and front handling machines Jungheinrich and Yale;
  • Handling equipment: electric-powered stackers and loaders Jungheinrich;
  • Central air conditioning and balanced ventilation systems;
  • Testo Saveris climate monitoring system that allows to maintain 24/7 monitoring;
  • Sprinkler fire-extinguishing system;
  • Mechanisms and ancillary devices for palletizing goods;
  • Automated dock-type doors with hydraulic ramp (dock leveler).

The docks are equipped with heat curtains which prevent entry of hot/cold outdoor air to production facilities of the warehouse

Backup power generators.

The standby power generators are installed at each operating site and ensure uninterrupted power supply which is important for maintenance of required temperature regime for stored pharmaceutical products, assurance of operation of all warehouse systems and customers’ communication with the terminals.