Cold chain


Cold Chain Logistics

The group offers its customers warehouse spaces and refrigeration equipment, designed and fitted to store and process immunobiological pharmaceutical products.

It is known that vaccines can lose their immunogenic properties over time, especially as a result of exposure to heat or freezing. Maintenance of proper temperature conditions during storage and transportation of vaccines is crucial for preserving activity of drugs and vaccination effect

Our warehouses operate a system that ensures optimal conditions for storage and preparation for release of thermo-labile products.

Cold chain regime is achieved through integration of proper actions of employees, good use of equipment and regular employment of control procedures.


Warehouse processing of cold chain products

Warehouse processing of cold chain products includes the following procedures:

  • Acceptance/receiving
  • Organization of proper storage
  • Order picking and shipping of products

Utilizing state-of-the-art equipment, we implemented the cold chain system at our warehouses, which is controlled by the Quality department staff.

We set a number of main requirements for personnel by:

  • Appointing designated persons by our internal orders;
  • Organizing mandatory training for our personnel engaged with cold chain products;
  • Keeping records of all action performed;
  • Executing shipment documents for shipped products with indication of cold chain products.

Circulation of products during storage and warehouse processing stages is organized according to standard operational procedures (SOP):

During the acceptance stage:

  • SOP for transportation conditions control;
  • SOP for circulation depending on means of transportation: refrigerated trucks, thermal containers;
  • SOP for acceptance of pharmaceutical products and acceptance control process;
  • The control procedure for transportation vehicle conditions (with registration of readings of temperature sensors) is documented by a designated person who draws up the respective internal act. The designated person enters time frame of unloading into the internal act.

During the storage stage:

  • SOP for storage of pharmaceutical products including those requiring special storage conditions;
  • SOP for personnel operation in situations where the temperature and humidity in operational premises of the warehouse reach the “alarm level” or the “action level”;
  • SOP for emergency situations, power outage or cold chamber malfunction.

During the dispatch stage:

  • SOP for picking and batching orders for pharmaceutical products;
  • SOP for control of transportation conditions.

Picking orders and dispatching products:

  • Orders are picked directly in the cold chamber ;
  • Packing in thermal containers;
  • Installation of ice packs;
  • Installation of temperature sensors;
  • Refrigerated truck readiness check;
  • Observance of loading time frame.


Our warehouses and cold chambers are equipped with a climate control system that allows us to continuously monitor storage conditions, including temperature and humidity.

There are areas in the cold chambers, which are intended for acceptance and batching of thermo-labile pharmaceutical products.

The cold chambers are equipped with:

  • backup refrigeration units;
  • separate doors for staff and vehicles;
  • racking systems;
  • built-in control and automation system and alarm system;
  • locks on the outside and unlocking devices on the inside;
  • Measuring and recording instruments testo Saveris (24/7);
  • standby GSM warning system “Mirage”;
  • Two levels of warning – “alarm” and “action” – are provided.


Equipment used for storage of immunobiological products and monitoring of their storage conditions is validated.

Risk management

Each warehouse facility has implemented action plans and standard procedures for emergency situations:

  • Emergency situations;
  • Power outage;
  • Refrigeration unit failure.

Quality of these products directly depends on observance of temperature conditions specified by the manufacturer. Storing and processing cold chain goods and immunobiological products we try to minimize time the products are outside cooling facilities.