Transportation services

Santens Service group provides services of transportation of pharmaceutical products across Moscow, Moscow Region and other regions of Russia by transport vehicles with capacity from 1 to 20 tons.

Shipping companies delivering pharmaceutical products to the group’s clients under contracts with Santens Service group are qualified service providers. During audits specialists of the Group’s Quality Assurance Unit evaluate their operations in terms of compliance with applicable legal and contractual requirements and internal requirements of Santens Service group.

Only qualified and validated transport vehicles equipped with temperature control and maintenance devices are used for provision of the transport services. Measuring and monitoring of temperature is done using devices listed in the State Registry of the Russian Federation.

The company fulfills orders with the following options available

  • Provision of transport vehicles on the day an order is received
  • Delivery of mixed consignments
  • Picking up goods at airports in the Moscow Region

Reports on transportation conditions

  • Temperature profile of the route
  • Report on temperature deviations during transportation

In order to guarantee that the quality of provided services complies with requirements of the Russian Rules and the Rules of Good Distribution Practice in force in the Eurasian Economic Union, member companies of the group perform a set of activities aimed at implementation of:

  • Risk management system
  • Requirements of the supply chain security management system (ISO 28000)
  • Requirements for safety adopted by TAPA (TSR) association
  • Temperature management during transportation of pharmaceutical products
  • Deviation management system

Continuous monitoring of the quality of the services provided by partner shipping companies allows Santens Service group to guarantee that such services are in line with requirements of the abovementioned Rules.


Department of logistic services

phone: (495) 781-84-94 ext.151

Transportation process

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Documents flow

The results of transportation conditions monitoring are documented in compliance with the approved standard operational procedures by products acceptance and delivery.


Transportation process

Partnership with the Russian motor forwarding companies allows arranging of cargo delivery and its forwarding along the route.