Leshkovo 2


The terminal in Leshkovo is one of the largest specialized pharmacy complexes in the region

This A class complex was built according to the built-to-suit scheme pursuant to international standards and with due consideration of requirements for storage of pharmaceutical products.

General parameters:

  • Storage capacity: 44 000 pallet spaces;
  • Total area: 29 000 sq. m;
  • Warehouse premises: 22 979 sq. m;
  • Office premises and mezzanine: 5 000 sq. m;
  • Operational floor-to-ceiling height: 12 m;

Pharmaceutical warehouse:

  • Storage capacity: 41 000 pallet spaces

Bonded warehouse:

  • Storage capacity: 6 200 pallet spaces

Cold chambers:

  • Storage capacity: 600 pallet spaces

The territory of the complex is divided to warehouse and administration sectors. The warehouse zone is intended for reception, processing, storage, and dispatch of goods.
Our company offers the full range of pharmacy warehouse services including storage, processing and quality declaration of pharmaceutical products.

Organizational structure of the terminal allows day and night receiption and release of goods.

  • Installation of the racking systems was done with due consideration of the narrow aisle work technique;
  • Cooling and heating are done using a rooftop system connected to a standby power supply system;
  • Fire safety of the complex is ensured by a sprinkler fire-extinguishing system and fire hydrants;
  • Alarm system allows for early warning;
  • Special consideration was given to the air conditioning and heating systems.

Mezzanine area is 3000 sq. m.
It is possible to allocate isolated areas including:

  • Freezers;
  • Archive;
  • Quarantine;
  • Picking for retail.


  • Design of the complex is based on the double-sided longitudinal layout principle;
  • The complex has an air conditioning and backup power supply systems;
  • Computerized control of storage environment (temperature, humidity) is done 7/24;
  • Frontal and narrow aisle racking systems;
  • Jungheirich 6-8 tier basic address storage system;
  • Testo Saveris climate control system with a backup system and the capability to send SMS alerts to responsible persons;
  • Electric-powered stackers and loaders JUNGHEINRICH;
  • Inventory management using LEAD WMS 3PL management system with wireless data collection terminals;
  • Wi-Fi network technologies;
  • 28 docks with leveling ramps and air curtains.

CJSC «SANTENS SERVICE» has carried out successfully qualification of the warehouse complex for compliance with requirements of GDP standards.
The warehouse is located at the following address: Moscow Region, Istrinsky District, Leshcovo village, building 244.

Location map